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1001Bit Tools
[ Download from this server (1.79 Mb) ] 16.12.2010, 10:46

The 1001 Bit Tools plugin created by Goh Chun Hee
is an amazing set of tools to create architectural works with best of
detail. This plugin comes with 39 tools directed at designing
architectural master pieces. Once installed the plugin comes with its
own toolbar, the tools are more advanced and helpful in the design
process. These tools could almost constitute an entire design program.
Though these tools do require a good amount of practice to master. It
can be confusing but fortunately there are great tutorials on YouTube.


There are too many tools to discuss them all in detail here, but I do
want to point out a few of my favorites. The wall tool is amazing at
making walls follow a path. This tool is similar to the follow me tool,
but it has much more ability to get the wall positioned exactly how you
would like it. The window tool is something that SketchUp should of
definitely already had as a standard tool. Whenever you are ready to
make windows all you do is choose this tool and punch a window through!
Though, the window framing tool does NOT work the same way as the window
hole tool. If you already have an opening for a window then the frame
tool will not work correctly. Its counter intuitive but the frame takes
the entire solid, putting a frame on the wall as well as around the

Another great tool is the roof rafters tool and the joist tool. These
are awesome to show the construction of a building in different phases.
One of the most useful tools in this package are the stairs tools.
Allows you to quickly create stairs, whether they be spiral, dogleg, or
single flight. There are also basic tools in the package that allow you
to chamfer and fillet corners and do some basic object manipulations
that SketchUp does not already have options for.


1001bit tools - Architectural Tools for Sketchup, или архитектурные
инструменты для SketchUp. ТОчнее это даже не плагин, а набор плагинов,
которые, несмотря на свое название, будут полезны не только
архитекторам. Всего, в набор входят 32 плагина, разделенные на
логические группы: Setting Out - настрока положения объектов; Draw -
рисование; Edit and Modify - редактирование и изменение объектов; Array -
создание массивов объектов; Wall and Partition - Wall and PArtition -
создание стен; Staircase - создание лестниц; Doors and Windows -
создание дверей и окон; Roof - создание крыш.

Более подробно про инcтрументы плагина можно посмотреть здесь.

На сайте, кроме краткого описание того, что делает каждый из
инструментов, есть ссылки на страницы каждого из инструментов, где
показан пример работы каждого из иструментов.
Кроме уже имеющихся инструментов, плагин постоянно обновляется

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