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TT Component Dropper
[ Download from this server (5.9 Kb) ] 05.12.2010, 18:38
Works like the Material Dropper,but for components and groups.
- Make a selection containing groups and components. (Doesn't matter if it contains more, it'll be ignored.)
- Activate the tool and pick another group or component instance to replace the ones in your selection.

The replaced instances will be made to match the bounding box of the old.

Инструмент для отбрасывания очерка выделения на поверхность.
Category: SketchUP draw/construct plugins | Added by: vladukez | Tags: SketchUp, dropper
Views: 24105 | Downloads: 222 | Comments: 7 | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 5
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